So, I'm new to this...

I've recently discovered that I seem to have an obsession with birds.

I never previously thought that I liked birds, as a decorative item, better than any other particular thing. However, when I recently bought a new necklace (of birds), and I was thinking about what I had to wear that would complement the colours, I suddenly realised: that top has a bird print on it!

Birds + birds = too many birds!

Then I noticed that another top hanging close by had a bird on it... and another... and a dress.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised that there are birds everywhere in my house and office. Clothes... accessories... linen... decorative knick-knacks...

So, I thought: I'll just go with it. Why not have a little fun with Instagram, and post regular pictures of all of my bird stuff?

Once I'd done it, though, I couldn't stop there... There's so many cool bird things around, and I can't buy them all, so why not share?

Hence this blog is born; because I can't be the only one... Right?

#Bird #Birds

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